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{{X-posted ... Just looking for as many answers as possible}}

I am about a month into eating more healthy and exercising for myself. I have a sedentary job and basic lifestyle but I'm making changes now. I haven't really seen any result in my clothes, but it's still early on. BUT I have a tendency to overthink things and wanted to see if someone could help me out. Here's my situation. I'm 25 now w/ 2 wonderful kids. When I was a teenager I was overweight at least in my own head and I stopped eating breakfast. Eventually, I stopped eating lunch as well. That went on for at least 5 or 6 years. Then about 3 or 4 years ago I was eating everything in sight. I was eating 3 full meals and at least 3 snacks in between when the mood struck. I gained about 40 lbs b/c of all this. So I cut out breakfast and lunch again about 2 years ago. Then just about a year ago I started eating normally again. I know that when I stopped eating 3 squares my body shut my metabolism down and went into reserve mode, but how long does it stay like that?? Did I do permanent damage or is it "fixable". I can't seem to find any articles that are helpful online that aren't promoting this product or that. I don't want to get sucked into "Buy this" ... "Buy that". Anybody have any thoughts??? Thanks a BUNCH!!!
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