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First day gone of my fast and I've lost two pounds. I'm planning on exercising so...hopefully by tonight I would have forced it down to 158 or so. Blah...I agreed to have lunch with Aitza, Sarah, and Gizzelle (GiGi) tomorow. So...I'll have to break my fast. That's okay. I'll just pick up where I left off. Salad of course. I'm not really hungry which is weird. Usually I would be -starving- about now. Oh well, right? I'm sort of nervous...my "boyfriend's" (long story...not together) birthday is July 3rd and he's inviting my ex best friend who is also his ex girlfriend. I wasn't going to go although I really want to be with him on his bday...but...his ex will be there. She's highly aggressive while I'm quick to avoid a confrontation. Drama, drama, drama. So...I'm going to bring my friend Michelle...someone who won't get completely drunk...and I'll have someone semi sober to talk to. I have to stay longer than his ex...because...I don't trust her. I know she's going to make a move and I know she still believes he's still her's. If something does go down between the two...ya know...fine. Nothing I can do. And I'm not about to make a fool of myself getting pissed about it. I'd rather know something went down between the two...big or little...than be lied to the next day about it. So...if something goes down...then...all "benefits" from our relationship are dropped (there's much more to our relationship than that though....we'll just have to be good friends and nothing more. I'll be seriously hurt...but...I'm not going to cry about it. I'll let her celebrate...rub it in my face, whatever...but at the end of the day it's me he's crying to for being so stupid. I just hope those days are behind him. I'm tired of having a guarded heart...I wanna open up a lil'.
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